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What is KKP?

KKP(Kunoichi Kimochii Project) is a NFT art project presented by Anri Okita.
“Kunoichi” is the Japanese word for lady ninja, and “Kimochii” is the word my fans are most familiar with.
If you have an NFT, you are a member of the KKP community that brings art and “Kimochii” to the world with Anri Okita.

Join the community

Road Map

The KKP team first presents three projects as a roadmap.
Each time the community member count goal is reached, a project will be launched.
The community will vote on which project to choose.
As new members are added after Step 3, we will start new projects.

  • step1: 1,000 NFT holders
  • step2: 2,500 NFT holders
  • step3: 5,000 NFT holders


The NFT Museum will be open to display original art and NFT photo books created by Anri Okita.
The art and photo books on display will also be available for sale.
Members of the community will have privileges such as priority purchase and display of fan art.


We will increase the number of characters designed by Anri Okita, and create a story as comics and animations.
The names and worldviews of the characters will be decided by a vote of the community members.
The owner of the character NFT will also have the right to make goods of that character.

Song/Music Video

A new song will be announced and a Music Video will be produced.
The process will be open to the community only.
We are also planning to recruit extras for the music video from the community.

What you need to join KKP

To join the KKP,you will need the following three things.


Acommunity that provides exclusive content for NFT holders only.


A wallet toreceive NFTs. Download the app or add a browser extension.

Recommended : Metamask

Credit Card

KKP projects can be paid for by credit card, no vitual currency is required.

How to join the KKP

Connect your wallet on the official website

Visit the official website and connect your wallet

Your account will be created automatically.

Pay by credit card and receive NFTs

You can see the NFTs you have on your My Page.

Join Discord and verify your NFTs

You can join exclusive channels after NFT verification.

In the exclusive channel, you can see special portraits and interact with the community.

You can also participate in the voting process to decide the direction of the KKP project.





Executive Producer


General Producer / PdM


Contents Producer

Maiking Video